How I spent the weekend

October 5th, 2015

Weekends are a great opportunity for productivity, especially with homeschooling during the weekdays.

Weekends are also a great opportunity to just bum out and do small, inconsequential things.  (In other words, to just let myself slip into neutral and ignore what needs done.)

I spent some huge amounts of time enjoying my anniversary gift that Andrew gave me this year.  Oh, you don’t know what it is?  I’ll show you.

This picture was taken back in August (I think) when
we first got the recliner.  I would freeze in those few
summer clothes these days!


That is a genuine La-z-boy recliner, and it is the most comfortable, relaxing, sleep-inducing recliner I have ever sat or reclined in!  I think one of his goals was to get me to rest and sleep more, and I have to say it is working!  It worked very well this weekend.

I got an order from Shutterfly this past week, and had gotten some pictures put in frames to hang in my kids’ bedrooms, but I never got the project completed.   They were stacked around on my island (a bad place for pictures and frames!).


While my mom graciously hosted all 4 of my kids at her house on Saturday, I used some of that time to finish getting the pictures switched out of frames, and got the new ones hung up on the walls.  Andrew kindly hammered in a lot of saw-toothed picture hangers to make it work out.

Today, after napping in my recliner, I watched multiple skits put on by our creative children.  The one in the picture is Brer Rabbit and the tar baby (the red towel behind Hannah is Brer Fox’s tail.  It was attached to Hannah by a yarn belt).  They also did skits of several Aesop’s fables.


I was actually going to get into real production this evening, either cleaning my bedroom or switching out some summer clothes.  But Edward has been very high on the list, at least in Paul’s mind.  He has been suffering through life with only a pajama top to wear, and that has been borrowed from the girls’ doll clothes collection.  It is the only thing Edward could wear, since the rest of the clothes are either pink or dresses.  The pajama top was light blue and actually had flowers on it.  However, Paul said that Edward thought the flowers were coconuts, and therefore he could wear the pajama top.


Over a week ago Paul brought this serious situation to my attention and said, “I thought you could do some tricks with your sewing machine and make Edward some clothes.”  Of course, right in the middle of a busy school week and day, doing “tricks” with my sewing machine did not feel possible at all.  Paul has been very patient, but he mentioned this evening that maybe I could sew Edward some clothes after supper.


After supper, (and after Hannah and I sang some songs together at the piano, something we both enjoyed very much!), Paul, Edward and I went down to the basement to select fabric from the fabric boxes.  Edward decided on fabric for a t-shirt, a sweater, some pants, some pajamas, and a Sunday shirt.  I was able to do the “tricks” to make the first three happen tonight, but the other two will be in the queue for whenever I can sneak a few minutes to sew this week.

P1030177It helps that I made a bunch of doll clothes last winter.  I could pull the pajama pattern from the file cabinet and with some eyeballing alterations, make clothes for Edward.  Since Edward really likes honey cakes (per Paul) and has evidently eaten quite a few, he needs more width to his clothes than the girls’ doll clothes do.  Edward is also in a permanent sitting position, so the seat of his pants needs extra length so they will reach up to his waist in the back.  Fortunately for me, Edward doesn’t complain about how his clothes fit.  :)

In case you are curious, Edward is officially a Winnie the Pooh bear.

And that concludes this wonderful weekend.  With the school lists all made and ready (part of Saturday’s work), and with Edward properly clothed, I think we are set for a good week!

A princess and author

September 17th, 2015

This past Saturday I fulfilled a summer-long promise to Hannah and took her yard-saling bright and early in the morning.  It was the Belmont fall yardsale.  We braved some torrential downpours, some dripping rain, and sometimes only had wet grass to walk in between the showers and downpours.  It was worth it all when early on we found these two tutus.  I think I paid $1 for both of them.



Hannah and Marie put them on the moment we got home.  The elastic was rather worn, so we used safety pins to hold them on that first day.



After washing them yesterday, of course they wanted to wear them this morning.  Knowing it would take all of 10 minutes (or less) to replace the elastic, that is one of the first things I did this morning.


Hannah put took her attire seriously and donned a full-scale princess outfit, drawing on prized pieces in her dress-up collection.


Madam Alexandria was practicing her piano, and was my third grade math student today.


P1030052 - Copy (2)

P1030052 - Copy



Her Royal Highness also wrote her final draft of “Our Own Cat” today.  (I think she forgot to use her Royal title, Madam Alexandria when she was writing.)


On the subject of writing, Paul had great fun taking the liberty allowed in his IEW course and writing a story of his own, launching off of “Boy and Nuts”.


Today has been our best school day so far this year, and it was very, very good.  I believe some motivational parameters have helped Paul and Hannah realize how quickly they can finish their subjects—and then have more of the day to do fun things of their choosing.  It’s not all motivational parameters.  Consistent healthy doses of positive reinforcement help keep the high-quality work and efficiency coming.  Or maybe I’m completely missing it, and it’s really the princess costume that is setting the tone!