Another project aided by Pinterest

November 24th, 2014

While I was busy sewing for Paul’s birthday, the blind that was in Hannah’s room broke.  It wasn’t some little thing we could fix and get by with a repair job, the main bar across the top broke completely in two.  I guess it had seen too many years of sunshine.

I determined that right after Paul’s birthday I would sew a curtain for her window.  I had planned to sew a curtain for her bedroom eventually, but this just put a high priority on the project.


On Monday of last week, Hannah and I made a special trip to the fabric store and she selected this fabric.  I love the flowers on it!


Here’s a view of some more of the flowers.


I have made curtains for other windows and sliding glass doors in our house, so I knew how to make them.  However, I thought I would look up how to make curtains on Pinterest just to see if there was an easier or better way.  Lo and behold, there was!  For the first time I made back-tab curtains, and not only are they easier to make than the “hanging-tab” (I’m not sure what they would be called) ones I’ve made in the past, but they look so much nicer too!  See how the tabs (or hanging loops) are all hidden in this picture?


One of the neat things about this fabric is it has subtle green vertical lines, kind of like lenticular lines in the fabric.  It doesn’t show up prominently, but different ways the light reflects off the material you can see it.


I sewed these curtains this weekend and Andrew got the rod and brackets all up and ready and hung the curtain tonight.  Hannah will be nicely surprised when she wakes up in the morning. (she’s spending the night with Marie and Rachel.)

Now, the next phase for her room is to take down the Dalmatian border and paint her room a very light pink.  I was planning to do that next spring or summer—let’s just hope all the paint doesn’t fall off the wall and make that a high priority over the holidays!

Timberrrr! (and a few leaves)

November 22nd, 2014

This morning while waiting for my parents to come with a chainsaw, Andrew raked up leaves and the kids had fun playing in them.








The reason for the chainsaw was to finish taking down this dead tree at the end of the driveway.


The reason the tree died is because I unintentionally killed it this summer when I was killing a poison vine and some pokeberry bushes that were growing up in it.  (Word of caution:  Banvil (and banvil by any other name) is effective!)  The tree was up in the power line, so the power company cut it down out of the lines and cut off many of the branches.  They left them in a pile in our driveway.  Today was the first day we had a chance to deal with the pile of brush and the tree trunk.  Our neighbor who has a chipper and use the chips for mulch told us we could bring the brush up there and run it through his chipper.  My parents brought a cart (hitched to their car) and we used that to haul the brush up the road just a short distance.



My dad had my mom push on the trunk when he was almost done cutting to help it fall in the right direction.


All went well and there was a mighty thud when it hit the ground.  (Andrew missed this part since he was up the street feeding the branches into the chipper machine.)


Then my dad cut the trunk into manageable pieces and Mom and I loaded them onto the cart.  They are going to burn these in their furnace up at their place.


It feels so good to have that job done.  It looks even better!  It was quite a rubbish-looking pile there in our driveway.


We feel extremely blessed to have had so much help getting this dead tree taken down and distributed to useful destinations.  It sure made the task a lot easier than if we had to handle it all by ourselves.  (Especially since we don’t have any hauling devices or a chainsaw.)