Imogene Herdsman* Rides Again!

August 4th, 2014

This time around, her name is Hannah Joy, owner and operator of the Piercing Parlor.


Unlike Imogene, Hannah’s joint uses scotch tape rather than hole-punching needles.


I was on the phone when all this took place.  They came to show me, and I had to tell my sister-in-law about these jeweled belly-buttons.


She said, “You sure can tell Hannah is Julia’s niece!”  You don’t have to say it twice for me to believe it!


Miriam, just think of all Susannah is going to come up with!  If Hannah is Julia’s niece, Susannah got the double portion!

* Imogene Herdsman is a in the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  If you’ve never read it, then you definitely should!

A Fairy Comes Tonight

August 1st, 2014

Marie wanted a princess cake for her birthday.  She reminded me a few weeks ago that I have never made a princess cake for her.


She was right.  I’ve made a couple for Hannah’s birthdays, but none for Marie’s.  I didn’t tell her I am not that excited about making princess cakes.  They are not the easiest to make turn out looking nice.


Marie spent lots of time looking through my cake books and settled on a princess that had fairy wings.  It was very important that her cake have fairy wings.


I rummaged in the box of scraps from making my wedding dress and pulled out these lace and pearl pieces.  With some long twist-ties discreetly threaded through some holes, they make great fairy wings!



Hannah calls this the “pricker crown”, or “crown of prickers”  (I can’t remember which way she says it).  I wasn’t sure how to make it, but after reading the directions, I simply put a piece of tape in her hair, piped some icing, and put short pearl stamens in there for the prickers.




Of course a birthday cake needs candles.  Andrew suggested blobs of icing to hold the candles.  I thought marshmallows would be more stable, so I piped some purple flowers on these, and they are holding the candles quite well.


Andrew said everybody likes to see their name, so I added Marie’s name to the cake, complete with a little heart for the dot of the “i”.




I think Marie will be tickled to find a fairy indeed came to her house while she was sleeping tonight!



I had every intention of decorating this cake a couple days ago.  However, as some of you know, when Rachel Anne developed quite the case of pneumonia Thursday morning, this cake went in the freezer and birthday prep ground to a halt.  Thanks to my mom coming yesterday and today to do all my regular work, and thanks to Rachel’s improvement such that I’m not holding her all the time and nervous about her breathing, I was able to pull this back out of the freezer and decorate it just in the nick of time.  (I was prepared to have a delayed cake, just like Hannah had this year, if necessary.)  I’m not sure Marie will get cinnamon sweet rolls as part of her birthday breakfast in the morning (because I haven’t made any), but we can have birthday cinnamon sweet rolls another day and celebrate again.