Paul’s 2014 Christmas Piano Recital

December 14th, 2014

Here are some pictures of my most handsome son at his piano recital today.


All of these pictures were taken after the recital. I tried to take some while he was playing, but my camera has been acting up at times lately, and it decided to act up and not take pictures at that time. Boo.


Fortunately the video camera was behaving perfectly well so we have pictures complete with sound!



Here is Paul with his wonderful piano teacher, Maurita Eberly. He positively loves his lessons with her and she has a special gift for teaching kids that motivates them to do the right thing. I think she is also a very patient person!


We are now looking forward to Hannah’s piano recital next Sunday!

Something different for dinner!

December 6th, 2014

After a few weeks of a lot of “slipshod meals” around here, me feeling pressed for time, and often (sinfully) being aggravated that people want to eat so often, I complained about it to Andrew last night.  I told him everyone wanted to eat 8 meals a day and it took me an hour to clean up from each meal and at least 2 hours to prepare each one.

After a night of sleep, even though I didn’t want to get up, I got started on a new day and felt convicted for dragging my feet over meeting basic life needs for my kids.

I decided we would indeed eat 8 meals today, just to mix things up, and get out of the rut of not wanting to serve food.  (As if doing it even more would cure me.  Hmmm…maybe I need to think on that one.)

Andrew seemed positively shocked that I was going to do that (and rightly so since I had just been complaining about people eating so often).  The kids were thrilled beyond expression!

Meal 1.
slice of cheese

Meal 2.
5 mini marshmallows
8 chocolate bits
about 6-8 peanuts

Meal 3.
slice of “speckled cheese”
slice of red bell pepper
Ritz crackers with cheese spread
slices of oranges

Meal 4.
slice of apple pie

Meal 5.
cheese puffs (limited amounts!)
5 black olives

Meal 6.
cooked corn
cooked broccoli

Meal 7.
Red beans & rice
slices of oranges

Meal 8. (the grand finale, served on special little bowls and plates from the “good” cupboard)
mock Sweet Frog ice cream cups (complete with cho. bits, sprinkles, 2 gummy bears, 3 chocolate animal crackers, a marshmallow and an M & M)

As you can see, these were not 5-course, cooked-fresh-from-scratch meals, but it was all stuff my kids loved (except they weren’t all as excited as Andrew and I over the red beans & rice, especially on the 3rd or 4th day of serving it), and a lot of it stuff we don’t normally eat.  The cheese puffs were in the cupboard and I was going to serve them on Paul’s birthday but forgot about them.  This seemed like the right time to pull them out.  I know I served oranges a lot, but the kids love them and just gobble ‘em down.  Yesterday they ate a lot of apples, so I figure the oranges today might help balance them out.

Now, for a few pictures from today just to add some visuals to this post.

Hannah and I took a little time to sit and crochet together after finishing up school and before starting on the 7th meal.


Marie has been arranging John Bear and his family on her bed for several days now.  I finally took a picture of the John Bear family.  I believe he has adopted several from other species.  This big pile of critters sleeps with Marie and Rachel, just like they are pictured, right in the middle of their bed.