Marie’s Peanut Pumpkin

November 19th, 2015

Earlier in the fall, we went to a local pumpkin patch/touring farm on their homeschool day (that means cheaper rates for homeschoolers on that day!).  There were many attractions, including a corn maze, and we ran out of time and energy before we got to even all the ones that looked exciting.

One of the things we did was go to the pumpkin patch and pick out a few pumpkins.


Right away Marie picked out a peanut pumpkin (which I had never seen before we came to this farm, and I didn’t know the name of it until we went to pay for the pumpkins).  I was a little surprised that she wanted that one because I thought it was rather ugly, if not hideous, with all the peanut-hull looking “warts” all over it’s skin.


She never wavered in her decision no matter which other pumpkins we looked at in the patch.  As we were paying for the pumpkins, we found out it was called a peanut pumpkin and the lady told us they make the very best pumpkin pies.


Right after our pumpkin patch day, Paul had a photography session with the pumpkins and the John Bears.


He even took a selfie!


I am only showing a sample of the pictures he took.


Some of them were really cute.


Back to Marie and her peanut pumpkin, she continued to enjoy it.  She loved showing it to everyone who came to the house and telling them it made the best pies.  She has stated over and over that we will make the Thanksgiving pies with her peanut pumpkin.

It was time to roast the pumpkin so we would have the flesh to make pies with for Thanksgiving.  I took a few last pictures of Marie with her favorite pumpkin.


She wanted those pumpkin pies with her peanut pumpkin, but she was also sad to see the pumpkin come to an end.  She asked to keep the skin.  Then she asked to save some of the bumps that look like peanuts.  I assured her they would only rot and mold.  She finally settled on the seeds.  She gave me instructions to save the seeds so we could plant them next summer and she could grow some peanut pumpkins.  She reminded me of that several times.


It was only after I was scraping out the flesh of the pumpkin that I realized I had roasted it whole, and did not cut it in half and scrape out the seeds before I roasted it.  Oh my!  I had to break the news to her that the roasted seeds would not grow.  She was a little sad, but I assured her we could buy some peanut pumpkin seeds for her to plant next summer.


I believe we already have an idea what will be part of our garden next year.  And I had better find some peanut pumpkin seeds by then!

Despite my warnings that the peanut bumps will not keep, Marie insisted on pulling out a few of the bumps and some clumps of seeds to save.  They are still sitting on a plate in the kitchen and she enjoys looking at them as the last few remains of her special pumpkin.  (Of course there is the pulp in the fridge and freezer.  I plan to help her make one batch of pumpkin pies tomorrow and not make her wait until Thanksgiving day to taste her peanut pumpkin in a pie.)

Who ever knew a bumpy peanut pumpkin would capture Marie’s heart?  I guess you never know what will catch the beaming eye of a child and turn into a treasured possession.

Thanksgiving Book

November 19th, 2015

If you want to read a funny, highly amusing, can-tell-jokes-about-it-for-years-to-come Thanksgiving book, this is one to check out.


It’s Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’ by Eileen Spinelli.  Since I need to return it to the library tomorrow, I had Andrew read it this evening after we got back from Bible study.  While it’s not the deepest theological children’s book about giving thanks, it is fun and interesting.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!