Outfit #2 is finished!

July 28th, 2014

The second (and last one I’m planning to make before the big day) outfit for the birthday girl is finished!


I have really enjoyed this short sewing stint, and would love to just continue.  However, the rest of my domain is crying for my attention.


This skirt is one of the fastest, simplest skirts I’ve ever made.  I just took the fabric, evened up the cut edges, and sewed the selvages (machined edges) together.  I then turned down the top and put elastic in, and then hemmed the bottom.  Such a skirt wouldn’t wear well on everybody, but for someone as slender as Marie, it will be just fine.


This is a knit shirt.  It’s the first time I’ve ever made a shirt out of a knit fabric, and definitely the first time I ever did machine embroidery on a knit.  It’s a bit of a different operation to use knit for machine embroidery, but it worked really well.


For those of you who don’t use facebook, I have to confess that I sat down one evening to do a test run of my embroidery machine on a scrap of knit fabric.  For two whole hours I tried to do it and it wouldn’t work.  The fabric wouldn’t move as it was supposed to and the threads all make a big wad underneath.  By the time I had given up, I had tried two different needles, 3 different fabrics, 2 different embroidery designs, a couple different styles of spools, consulted Google numerous times, rebooted my machine at least twice, and read and re-read the instructions for machine embroidery a couple times.  I figured my machine was malfunctioning, so I googled a Husqvarna repair shop—-only to find one in Maine.  I was ready to cry.  Andrew came by, and I asked him to come and just stand very close to my machine to see if that would fix it the same way his mere presence (without even touching it) cures my computer when it’s misbehaving.  Within a couple seconds, I saw and realized I had forgotten to set the presser foot pressure dial to #1, which is where it needs to be to use the embroidery unit.  What a relief!  It worked perfectly after that!  I had wasted a lot of time, but at least there was nothing wrong with my machine.


It was too late to finish all this that night, but on Sunday afternoon I put these flowers on the shirt.  I did the stems and leaves free-hand, and used the embroidery machine for the flowers.

IMG_4988I’m looking forward to seeing Marie in this blue outfit.  Only a few more days!

Monday with S & S

July 25th, 2014

One of the highlights of every day Susannah and Sylvia were here was going swimming in our neighbor’s pool (Susannah & Sylvia think it’s our pool!).  A huge thanks to my mom and my sister Gail for coming every morning and making that possible (by helping little people swim and helping watch everyone so we were all safe).


That’s what we did after breakfast until lunch time.  When it was time to get dressed each day (after swimming) a big request of Susannah’s was to wear some of Marie’s clothes.


That was so easy to do since Marie has a number of pretty dresses, including these two that I snagged at a yardsale early this spring.


At one point Monday after naps, I kept hearing Sylvia just laughing and laughing down in the basement.  I finally stopped peeling potatoes, got the camera, and this is what I saw from the basement steps.


Rachel and Sylvia were “playing” this fish game, and for some reason it really tickled Sylvia.


While I had the camera, I snapped pictures of the rest of the group.


I guess wearing everyone out swimming in the morning makes for a peaceful evening.



A little later Hannah was reading books to Susannah.  (Just for the record, Paul had read books to Susannah for a while that morning while waiting for breakfast and waiting for everyone to be ready to go to the pool.)


Sylvia and Rachel were together almost all the time.  I saw them giving each other a hug, and grabbed the camera.


Sylvia was such a charming little girl.  Not only did she hug Rachel, but different times at random she would come up and hug my legs.  It warmed my heart!


A popular item to play on (and under) was this slide in our living room.  It saw lots and lots of use this week, especially from Sylvia and Rachel.


After supper, Rachel and Sylvia relaxed on these cushions covered with their blankies.


Hannah was reading a story to everyone else.  I noticed Susannah chewing on a Potato Head part.  I told her it wasn’t food, and if she wanted to chew on something she should get a cucumber.


That started a cucumber party.  Not only did they clean up all the leftover cucumber spears that were in the bowl, but they ate another entire cucumber.  They wanted more, but since it was already 9:00 p.m., I told them they had to wait until the next day.  (And Miriam, I forgot all about your kids needing their cucumbers cut in little pieces, and evidently they forgot it too, because they ate plenty of big spears!)


These two cushion muffins would repeatedly stand up and plop down on their cushions during the cucumber party.


It was so much fun to watch them having so much fun!