Wonderful Wednesday

October 21st, 2014

I know there are lots of cute two-year-olds out there, but this one at the top for me!


Pictures with and without flash.




What happens during recess

October 21st, 2014

This slide (more frequently used as a jungle gym, make-shift see-saw, play house, and more) has been the most-used, most fun, most worth-every-bit-of-space-it-occupies piece of furniture in our living room for some time.


It gets lots of use pretty much every day.


I have my sister Julia and her husband, Linden, to thank for it.


They gave it to us soon after Paul was born.


At this point in time, Marie and Rachel use it the most, but all the kids have gotten good use out of it in their time as little people.




This evening instead of playing Uno after supper, I sent the kids down to the basement with the CD player.  They were down there dancing to music.

Rachel found the stash of empty containers (I suppose I have a few hoarder genes in me–I’m slowly working on correcting that fault.), and she latched onto this Nesquick container and carried it around for quite a while.  She was so happy with it because it has a bunny rabbit on the front!


You can see how wild the dancing got.  Paul was actually under these wash baskets.



Please don’t get a headache looking at Hannah’s, um, “costume”.  She wears what she loves!


Here you get a great view of Paul’s new grin–a snaggle-toothed one at last!

IMG_5940They really had some movin’ and shakin’ going on down there tonight!  Paul would come up and select different CD’s from time to time.  They had great fun listening to Christmas music–and Marie and Rachel made a special trip up to tell me when “Away In A Manger” was playing.  The last CD they listened to was some random one that gravitated into our collection with kids songs on about eating healthy foods.  Let’s just say it had a really “moving” beat!

Now there is proof on my blog that we don’t do school work all the time (even if it feels that way to me a lot of days).