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Won on the weed front

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I should be getting my shower right now, but I wanted to post the news that I got the rest of the garden weeded last evening, and I rushed around like a mighty wind and planted corn where the peas had been this evening. Hopefully it will grow. With Paul around, it’s not “sheep’s in the meadow, cow’s in the corn”, but rather Paul’s in the corn! Yikes! Yows! Shut your eyes Sally! He knows what the corn is and I tell him to “be careful for the corn” and “don’t walk on the corn”, but sometimes he is concentrating on something else, and then either sits on stalks of corn or walks right over it. The corn that is there has suffered greatly, and some has perished due to Paul’s gardening. Sometimes, I just have to work hard not to cry over my pathetic, pitiful garden this year. I wondered what I was weeding for…just to have a bare dirt spot for Paul to play in? It may turn out to be just that.

In my great rushings around, I tried to set up a water sprinkler for a little bit this evening before we went to Bible study. I got soooooo disgusted! I have three sprinklers, and currently none of them work. I have one like we had a home, but something is wrong with our pressure tank and we don’t have enough pressure to run it (and I haven’t researched it to fix it yet,or hired someone to do all that, so my fault). Another one won’t spin around. In desperation about 10 days ago, I bought one for $5.97 at Wal-Mart, hooked it up, and watered the garden. It has rained since then, so this evening was only the second time I was going to use it, and it won’t wave the water back and forth. Oh, it made me so mad. Why can’t something just work! Anyway, I couldn’t spend any time trying to fix on it because I had to get Paul off the potty, get supper heated and eaten, feed Hannah, change clothes, and zoom to Bible Study. Now we are home, it is dark and getting late, and I am going to take a shower and go to bed. Maybe I can work on it tomorrow.

When I was putting up tomato cages earlier this week,

I turned around and next thing I knew, Paul was crawling

through the tunnel!

A higher gear

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I have shifted into a higher gear for this week (I hope I can sustain it for the week!), so I may have to put up the rest of my cute pictures and neat stories a little later. We are having the big Sibling Party at our house on Sat., and I am giving my best shot at reducing our property’s resemblance to the Kettle farm, or Imogene Herdman’s place (whichever one you’re more familiar with). I know I won’t get it completely accomplished, but my motto is going to be, if one of the attendees doesn’t like the way something looks, smells, feels, whatever, they are welcome to my cleaning and gardening supplies/tools and are free to change it. Otherwise, we’ll enjoy the occasion and be happy with whatever state the place is in come Saturday.

My number one thing for operating in a higher gear is to wear good, lace-up shoes. You can’t move as fast or as efficiently in flip-flops and other cutesy footwear. Next, get up before everyone else. Next, move fast. Fourth, wave goodbye to procrastination.

On that note, I am going to sign out so I can slice up the bread I made today and get it in the freezer. If Hannah holds off on her last feeding long enough, I will even get the dishwasher unloaded and put more dirty dishes in it before going to bed. Oh, I also need to put away the cho. syrup I made today. I don’t feel like doing any of these things. But, no procrastination this week!

Guess who decided she needed to eat every two hours today? Yeah, Hannah, who last week only ate 6 X per day. She’s going to get in 8 feedings today. It doesn’t mesh so well with my new gear!