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Now some pictures!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

We have pictures from around here, believe it or not!  Not as many as if I was doing more exciting things and more on the ball with the camera, but here are some snapshots of the joys of my life these days (and the delight of my eyes, since they are so cute!).

Andrew has been doing a lot of the bathing (except when our family members do it), but hopefully by Monday that will all be changing and I will at least be doing some of it.  This picture was taken just about 1/2 and hour ago, post Hannah’s bath.  You can almost smell how clean she is!

Paul is usually our happy guy.  When I am working in the kitchen, getting lunch, or washing dishes, or general clean-up, he loves to be where I am.  He often stands on a chair at the island drawing, or playing with a few toys, or running a little car or train on the island.  This time he was playing with his blankies and some red cups.

Aunt Lucy has been coming to help me every Tuesday, except for this Tuesday.  She is moving to Wyoming and setting out on Monday, so she needed this week to get her stuff ready for the move (boo-hoo-hoo, how we will miss her!!)  She is our main Scrabble player too, and I don’t think we will be getting in any more games before she leaves.  Anyway, here are some pictures of Paul with his favorite Aunt (she is by far his favorite, sorry the rest of you folks, I can’t help it!).

Aunt Lucy is working at becoming Hannah’s favorite aunt also.

Paul enjoyed running around and around Aunt Lucy and Hannah.

That evening, Lucy left a little early to meet some of her friends for supper at a restaurant.  Here she is all fancy and fixed.  If Paul knew what was going on, I am sure he would have begged to go along!

Last Thursday evening, my great-aunt Eva (Grand-daddy Gardner’s sister) and great-uncle Bob came and brought supper.  They brought fried rabbit, along with other very delicious foods.  They ate with us, and then visited afterwards.  Paul had a lot of fun playing with Uncle Bob, as you can see.

Hannah was just her happy self.

Andrew helps Paul with his potty time, and he took a picture of Paul with a big-bear bathroom companion.

We put Hannah in the Jumperoo for the  first time on Saturday.  She doesn’t jump yet, but it gives her a different position from just sitting in seats or lying down watching things. 

On Sunday, I ventured forth and put Hannah is a dress for the first time since I was sick (one-piece outfits take less energy to put on and maintain than a dress.  Especially if Andrew is doing most of the maintaining, I try to make it easy for him.)  This dress is from her Aunt Rachel.  It is 12 mo. size, and she is nearly too wide for it!  But, she is cute as a belle in it!

Yesterday, my mom and my younger siblings were here.  At the end of the day, Luke and Glen wanted to play some chess.  Hannah got in on it!  (Paul was long since in bed.)

Luke, Andrew, & Hannah

Now, I guess a few notes about today would be in order.  It has been a good day.  I am still a morning person.  I feel my very best and have the most energy between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m.  I love the mornings.

This morning, both Paul and Hannah slept in until 7:30.  That is a little unusual for Hannah.  She is usually up between 6:00 and 6:30.  She usually goes to bed between 9:00 and 9:30 and night, so I think that is excellent for her, at just shy of 5 months of age.  Speaking of Hannah, she is just growing and growing.  As soon as I got home from the hospital, I realized she had outgrown the clothes she was wearing prior to my going in.  I got out bigger ones.  Now, she is outgrowing those, and I am scrambling around trying to find some bigger ones.  As soon as I am able, I want to go to some second-hand stores and look for some bigger things, particularly for her to sleep in at night.  I have winter stuff, but she needs lighter things that still cover her arms and legs.  I just can’t believe how quickly she is working through the clothes these days.

Paul has been a little tired today.  He slept big and long last night, but for some reason he was tired, and therefore a little fussy too, especially in the later morning.   Every morning, after Hannah goes back to bed for her first nap, I lie down on the couch for at least an hour, sometimes and hour and a half.  Paul just plays in the living room, reads books, or draws on paper at the counter.  I rarely to never fall fast asleep, so I am aware of noises, but Paul knows not to bother me and to behave.  He is happy and just plays by himself.  I am very blessed for that.  When I get up, unless Hannah needs something immediately (and I try to get up a little before she will wake up for her next feeding), I read some books to Paul.  Then, he is much happier for me to spend time feeding Hannah.

The one thing I did today was pack up my maternity and nursing clothes into boxes and take them down to the basement.  That was very sad for me.  I feel like I have been cheated out of the best months of nursing Hannah, the months when she really nurses well and we both enjoy it a lot (I was looking forward to that time, and we were moving into it until I got sick).  I cried a little bit.  But we are where we are, and she has excellent health, and my health is improving.

Today was my first entire day of the insulin routine.  It will take me some getting used to, incorporating all the exact timing.  That is, checking my blood sugar and giving myself the R thirty minutes before I am going to eat (then making sure I get started eating in 30 min.) for all the meals.  Then, I have to check my blood sugar and give myself the Lantus at exactly 6:00 each evening, plus not only eat at the right time for the R, but be sure to take my prednisone at the same time each morning and evening so that my blood sugars are keeping steadily elevated from the prednisone (no ups and downs), to cooperate with the Lantus.  That all occurs as I am trying to get the food heated/peeled/boiled, table set, keep Paul from fussing for food because he is hungry and sees it, and it seems like Hannah either needs to burp, needs a diaper change, or is asking to go to bed–and sometimes there is just some crying going on for a spell around here!  (That is not new with my sickly condition, by no means!  That is life with little ones, unless there is someone out there who has comatose kids.)  But, I do one thing at a time, and we get it all done.  I am really looking forward to getting my blood sugars straightened out so my vision will get back to normal.  Right now, so much of the time looking any distance at all looks like I am looking through water.  I can function fine (of course I won’t drive), but it is aggravating sometimes.  Most of the time I can focus my eyes to read.

Well, I am about to get my first shower, and wash my hair in the shower!  Hooray!  (Well, I did manage some showers in the hospital, with special wrapping of the PICC site, but that was a long time ago.)

better health!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I thought I was going to get a non-health blog up with some pictures that I have been taking, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I will get off my health issues one of these days!   I know some of you are likely curious about the Dr. visit today, so I wanted to put up a short post.

Big wonderful event, Dr. Overby took out the PICC line!  Hooray!  That was at about 12:15, so as I have it calculated, my 24 hours waiting until I can shower will be over at 12:15 tomorrow, and my 5 day wait until I can resume lifting with my right arm will be over at 12:15 on Sunday!  I can hardly wait!  That also means, no more home health visits in the mornings (happiness!), and no more daily flushings of the lines, and the IV company is going to come and pick up their equipment and get it out of my house!  Wonderful, wonderful!

Next thing, Dr. Overby has now started me on some insulin, Lantus daily with a sliding scale of R for before meals.  I have to call him on Friday to let him know how it is going and make adjustments, but at least we are getting started and I hope to be feeling better from lower blood sugars soon.  The high blood sugars were running my system “dry” (a little dehydrated), keeping my blood pressure low, and making me feel lousy sometimes all day long.  Plus, vision changes were rapidly occurring, and well, we just needed to get onto this it seems, and not wait until I am down on the prednisone to let these symptoms go away.

Lastly, he has decided to start tapering off my prednisone by 10mg/week.  So, starting this evening, I am only taking 50mg/day.  I seem to be one of the people who blooms out the side effects of prednisone early and well, so even though we are taking some risk of having the pancreas flare up by starting decreasing the dose right now, it seems worth it.

Oh, the pancreatic enzymes.  Yes, that is of note.  As you recall, they did go up when I stopped the TPN and started solids.  Just today they have started to come down again.  I trust that will continue.  They will only be checking the levels weekly at this point.  I just have to report any new or bad symptoms of pancreatitis.  I am hoping and praying things will just keep coming more and more toward normal.

Praise the Lord for His continued faithful healing of my physical body.