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Sty Sweet Sty

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

We have a “This Little Piggy” book, and in it one of the little piggies has a plaque on the wall that says “Sty Sweet Sty”.  After today’s lunch, I think that’s what we need.  Hannah was “sporting a ‘tude” at lunch time, so other things took precedence over the location of her food (in other words, we let that go).  As I dished the jello onto her plate, she promptly picked it up and placed it on the table (with her hands, of course), and then ate it off the table (with her hands, of course).



So, why do we put food on kid’s plates, anyway?  Why to we even set them up at the table?  (After this meal, and many others, I had to move the chairs and wipe up all the wet sticky food off the floor.  If I delay in performing this task, Hannah goes under there and eats it off the floor.  Inoculation, inoculation.)  And, why do we even put clothes on them?  I suggested that we put the food in a trough on the floor, and let the naked kids just crawl up and scoop it in with their hands.  Andrew had an even better suggestion, have the whole feeding operation outside.

O.k., don’t get hyper.  We won’t do all that.  We will try to force civility on our children, even if at times it seems completely in vain.

A Day at Home

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Yesterday at the reunion in Criders, they played some variation of a gift game.  The gift I got included some pink foam pieces that as best I can determine are used to separate your toes for a pedicure, or something along that line.  Anyway, to Paul they are reindeer antlers that conveniently hook on his ears.   If you look closely, you can see him wearing them in these pictures.

Paul, Sally, Hannah

Paul, Sally, HannahAfter being gone and busy for a lot of this week, we have enjoyed having a day at home today and relaxing a lot!  Here are a few pictures.

Hannah had pockets in her pants today, and Paul wanted pockets too.  We pulled out this apron that Aunt Mini made him and then he had pockets.

PaulHannah wanted to wear the apron too, so when Paul was done with it, she got to wear it.

HannahI mentioned that we did a lot of relaxing today.  I’m telling you, when Hannah woke up at nearly 7:30 this a.m., I was sleeping deeply.  I got up and exercised, but I was really worn out.  Andrew offered to watch the kids so I could sleep.  I told him I probably wouldn’t sleep and tried to putter around until afternoon nap time.  About noon time, I just really wanted to lie down, so I summoned Andrew and asked him to take over.  I crawled in bed for over an hour and slept at least part of the time.  I felt much better when I got up.

I found out that Paul cried too much to even eat lunch, so he went to bed for a long nap early.  Then, after he got up about 3:30 0r so, Andrew took a nap on the couch, and Paul just relaxed on the floor.  (Hannah was still sleeping.)

Andrew & Paul

Later, he crawled in his tee pee and fell asleep, taking another nap.


PaulWhen he woke up after that, he was crying, and to me he felt and looked like he had a fever, even though it didn’t register that way on the thermometer.  So, I held him as he cried, and gave him some Tylenol.  About 45 min. later, his eyes were no longer glassy, he no longer felt hot, and he was happy.  So…we’ll see what comes of this, if anything.

As I was vacuuming after supper, Paul and Hannah ran around and had fun.  At one point I saw Hannah bringing one of her diapers to the living room.  I asked her what she was doing.  She said “teddy bear”, and walked up to her teddy bear and put the diaper on him (well, laid it on him, she didn’t fasten it on and all like that).  It seems like she knows what essential clothing is, and she brought him the most important piece!