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Tomorrow and Tonight

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Tomorrow, Marie turns 1 month old

Tomorrow I go to my post-partum check-up (and hope to get a good report).

Tomorrow starts my first week without my full-time live-in maid service.

Tomorrow starts a brand-new week in which I will once more strive to have a Bible time every day with my children.

Tomorrow, I need the Lord.

Tonight, I got royally peed on during church by Marie.

Tonight was our first Sunday evening service and fellowship meal at church with Marie.

Tonight I was embarrassed to death to get to church late—highlighted by me being the piano player and Andrew the song-leader.  Others had filled in until we got there.

Tonight, whether right or wrong, I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen after putting Marie to bed.  I’ll be glad in the morning.

Tonight, I have an overwhelming and intense desire for God to save my children.

Tonight, I need the Lord.


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Paul, while eating an ice cream cone and getting close to the cone, “Can I eat the wooden part?”


I discovered one of the kids had put their doll
bottle in the bassinet with Marie.  It wasn’t
doing her much good, obviously.


Paul (I think, or else it was Hannah) while pretending to make calls on a toy phone, “I’m calling a prayer request.”  This was less than an hour after I had been passing things on the prayer chain and leaving messages on people’s answering machines with the prayer requests.



After reading about Peter walking on the water (and then sinking and crying out, “Lord! Save me!”), Paul and Hannah were playing in the basement.  I didn’t go to see what they were doing, but I repeatedly heard cries of, “Lord!  Save me!” from the basement.



Very soon after we brought Marie home, Andrew asked Hannah what our new baby’s name was since she was born.

Andrew:  “Is her name Baby Miranda?”

Hannah:  “No.”

Andrew:  “Well, what is her name?”

Hannah:  “Have to wait until New Year’s!”

Andrew said she’ll be really good at faking answers when she gets Alzheimer’s.



I was putting on some socks after getting up from my nap.  Hannah pulled a pair of socks out of my drawer and wanted me to wear them.  I told her not now.

Hannah:  “You can wear them on Facebook.  I have Facebook just like Mommy.”

Me:  “What is Facebook?”

Hannah:  “Facebook is an iiiii-dol that goes down to the river and makes the rain jump out.”

Hmmm…Andrew says she’s more right than wrong.


She wants to suck her thumb!


Katie combs Hannah’s hair before putting her to bed at night.  After getting combed, Hannah came out to my rocker to tell my good-night.  As she came, I said, “Hannah, you are beautiful.”

Hannah said, nodding her head, “I have hair.”

Does she ever, and it’s so beautiful too!


Marie in Hannah’s doll stroller from Aunt Wendy!


In the first week or so after we brought Marie home, Paul made astonishing observations.  Once, as he walked past me and saw Marie’s eye’s open, he said,

“Oh!  She has eyes!”

Another time, as he was passing by he happened to see her hands and said,

“Oh!  She has hands!”

Each time he said it, he sounded so surprised, as if he had never noticed that before, and hadn’t expected to see those things on a new baby.  He is getting educated!



Paul and Hannah were eating a Tootsie Roll as a treat for picking up toys.  They were discussing whether or not Tootsie Rolls have seeds in them.

Paul:  “No, they don’t have seeds.  After a long, long time they would have seeds in them.”

I guess he thought they might grow seeds after a while.



Paul and Hannah have been playing with the hickory nuts that drop from a tree in our yard.  They like to put them in cups and buckets and then put water on them.  Paul said that he puts water on them so they will get all furry.