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12 weeks old

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Marie turned 12 weeks old on Monday.  I find it hard to believe that she’s already 1/4 a year old.  We just love her to pieces and think she’s a wonderful daughter.  For me, much of her existence is still centered around keeping her reflux under control.  I have to keep on my toes to remember to give her a dose of Zantac 30 min. before a morning feeding and an evening feeding.  It’s a little bit of a challenge to figure out when she’s going to be hungry 30 minutes into the future.  Sometimes I don’t judge it right, and she just has to eat before the 30 minutes is up.

IMG_6071And of course, there’s still the issue of keeping her propped up at all times.  So we don’t have any rolling over to watch or see if she can do it.  It makes me a little sad that she doesn’t get the opportunity to learn things like that right now, but she is a much happier baby with less reflux.

She loves to smile and she is getting better and quicker and putting on a big grin when we smile and talk to her.


(The pink towel in the bouncy seat is so I can just wash a towel rather than always washing the bouncy seat cover.)


Marie started laughing when she was about 8 weeks old, I think.  She is getting better at that too.  I love to talk to her and tickle her just a little and get her to laugh.  We love to have fun together.


One day we were going out when it was colder and she got to wear this little bonnet for the first time.  She almost looks like flower.

IMG_6081Sleeping through the night hasn’t been one of her strong points.  Occasionally she has slept until 5:00 or almost 6:00, but that isn’t even once a week.  Most of the time she gets up around 2:o0 or 3:oo, and then again at 6:00.  I believe I have figured out that she gets up then because she can’t breathe through her nose.  Usually she is not that hungry when she gets up in the middle of the night.  She has a congested nose most of the time due to her reflux.  I treat it with saline nasal spray and that helps a  lot.

Last night was a real surprise to me.  She started her last meal at 9:30, and I put her to bed at 10:30, and then she slept until 7:30 this morning!!  I was shocked!  I also noted that her nose was clear this morning when she did get up.  That supports my theory that she’s been getting up at nights due to her stuffy nose.  I am really hoping her nasal congestion improves and we have more nights like that.


A new thing I have implemented this week (and should have a whole lot earlier) was tummy time.  It’s a little involved to let her have tummy time, but I want her to develop her neck and upper body muscles.  They are developed the other way.  Sitting in her car seat she can lift her head and upper chest up off the seat.  For tummy time, I drag her sleep wedge out of the crib and put it on a towel on the floor, put a soft towel down on the wedge to protect it from spit-up, and then harness her into it.  The first time on her tummy, she didn’t like it very much.


I encourage Paul and Hannah to visit with her while she’s having tummy time to help entertain her and distract her from her displeasure.  So far, we’re up to probably about 10 minutes on her tummy at a time once a day.  I hope to get into the gear of doing it more often, but it is some trouble to get it all arranged.  And somehow wiping up the spit when she’s on her tummy seems more involved.  But, we’ll get all this worked out eventually.


She can lift her head off the wedge, even though she has been deprived of tummy time.

IMG_6170On Monday, I did a new thing and gave her a bath in the big bath tub.  She did really well with that.  Yes, of course she was flat and yes some milk ran out, but I did it as quickly as possible and it was easier than bathing her in the baby bathtub on my island in the kitchen.  That’s bending the doctor’s orders a little, but I hope we can keep doing it.  Especially as it gets colder because I can run the heater in the bathroom and it’s very crowded to work with the baby bathtub in the bathroom.

Yesterday when Hannah was at about her lowest point with her cold and just lying around, she liked to snuggle with me.  I really enjoy my two little girls.



Techno Guru

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Once a computer geek, always a computer geek.


In case it’s not clear in the picture, Andrew has the tablet PC chained to the treadmill.  I think he can’t bear to be away from the screen…


Y’know, I might have to try out this new set-up myself!


Now, if he wants to rig one up for in bed, you know, projecting the screen on the ceiling so he can read the news and program while lying down, um, we’ll need to talk.  I might have to wear my black-out shades and my earplugs to bed then.