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Time’s Flyin’

Friday, December 31st, 2010

The year is almost over, and time is going faster.  It’s like the salt going through the hour glass, it seems it goes faster when it is almost gone.  That’s the way it is for me, anyway.

I had no intention of having this big of a gap in my blog posts.  Yikes!  There is so much I want to write and put up here, when will I ever get a chance to do that?  Despite it being after mid-night already, I wanted to put up a post.  I blog because I enjoy it and I like to, and that’s just what I’m doing at the moment.  Forget the rest of the should-do’s and needs-done’s (for a few minutes).

For a brief history of the last couple weeks, well, there have been fun times with family get-togethers.  One was a 60th wedding anniversary party in PA for a great-aunt and great-uncle.  We made that trip with Gail, Bobby, & Sam, and I must devote an entire post to that adventure sometime.  Another was when Andrew’s family came here on Christmas Day.  We really enjoyed having everyone here and everyone was so gracious.  There have been tough times.  Somehow, I just seem to be sick more than I am well, with generalized colds.   My baseline normal health for the winter is a mild degree of congestion, coughing, runny nose, and fatigue.  But, aside from all that, I just seem to get a doozy of a knock-you-out-flat cold every little bit.  The last big bear of a cold was yesterday, but fortunately I am feeling much better today.  Anyway, a couple of those take giant chunks out of my functional days and time and make it so difficult for me to make headway on projects and preparations for New Year’s Day.


The other toughie is Marie.  The little girl is lovely, but she just spits up so much.  I know she can’t help it.  She had minimal spitting on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, which was so nice.  Ever since then, oh boy!  It takes 1.5 hours to do most feedings because she eats a little, then burps and spits a while, then eats a little more, then burps and spits, and on and on the cycle goes.  When we finally quit the feeding session, she sits up about another 30 minutes, then goes to bed and sleeps for 30 to 45 minutes, and then we start the cycle all over again.  I love my daughter, I really do, and I know God made her especially just for us.  However, evidently all I am supposed to be doing right now is caring for her and feeding, bathing, and pottying Paul and Hannah, because that’s all there is time to do.  I haven’t even cooked this week.  My sisters Gail and Rachel each sent meals and that’s what we’re enjoying.


On the note of not getting a thing done in terms of real life progress, despite my best efforts, I have not gotten the gifts for our kids wrapped for New Year’s Day.  So, tonight, Andrew graciously wrapped them all, even though he’s not in love with wrapping gifts.  (I definitely married the right guy.)

(You can tell which ones are for Hannah–she
wanted hers wrapped in Princess wrap.  Paul has
been requesting his gifts wrapped in red Cars
wrapping paper.  He’s been eyeing it on the gifts
we’ve wrapped for his cousins.)


In small little snatches, I am slowly getting a simple skirt made for Hannah to wear in a family picture this weekend.  We are all supposed to have denim on our lower halves and maroon on our upper halves.  Well, she had no denim for her lower half, and after looking at thrift stores a couple times, I bought fabric this week and commenced sewing.  I just need to do the hem yet, which I thought I was going to do this evening.  (Marie had other plans for my time, throwing in an extra late-night feeding.)  The skirt is turning out marvelously well.  I love how easy it is to make, and how good it looks on Hannah.  (I used a jumper pattern for the skirt and then winged my way on the wind for an elastic waistband.)  I would love to make her some more off this improvised pattern.  She especially likes skirts (she doesn’t have any that fit her right now) because she likes to be like her mommy.  :)

Hannah & Paul went “on a trip” today
(it was all the way to the basement).
Here they are getting ready to go.
Notice how Hannah has her right
foot rocked back on the heel of her
princess shoe!  Paul is wearing his
“special boy shoes” as he calls his
Lightning McQueen crocs.


Oh, in case it’s not evident, Hannah is
wearing the unhemmed skirt I was
working on for her.  I took a break to
feed Marie.



One of the other big must-do’s that we did this evening was celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  Ideally we would do that on December 25th, but with the family gathering, it didn’t work out for that day.  I managed to whip together a birthday cake (that fell apart, but it still worked), and after our supper of lasagna from Rachel, Andrew put two candles in it.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, and then each of the kids blew out a candle.  After the cake, Andrew read the Christmas story from the Bible, and at many intervals stopped and let Paul and Hannah fill in parts by memory (they are working on memorizing that passage in Luke 2).  Paul kept begging to sing Christmas songs (which we were planning to do) and so we sang Christmas carols for a while.  Paul and Hannah chose most of the songs, and they also got to start the songs.  Since I was feeding Marie, we sang a cappella.  Now I feel like we’ve taken steps to impress on our children the true meaning of Christmas.

While I was doing some hand sewing on Hannah’s
skirt this morning, we working on their Bible memory
passage in Luke 2.  After that, I told them to draw
the shepherds, some sheep and the angel.  I instructed
Paul to write what the angel said to the shepherds.
He wrote, “Doo not bee ufrad”.


That’s all for this post.  Good-night!


Tuesday, December 14th, 2010


Paul has become educated about mustaches since his introduction to Mr. Potato Head.  His knowledge has grown and he considers himself an authority on the subject.  He explained it to me one day.

“Mustaches can have hair or can not have hair.”  Then, he continued his dissertation.  “Ladies have mustaches, they are just pretend mustaches.”

I believe he thinks everyone wants one and doesn’t want the ladies to be left out.


One day I over heard Hannah start talking to Paul.  Paul responded in an annoyed way, “Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!  I’m trying to talk to John Bear!”



Paul and Hannah were writing messages on paper and giving them to me.  Hannah verbally interpreted hers as she handed it to me, “Dear Mommy, your faithfulness continues.”  (That’s from Ps. 100:5, a chapter we are memorizing.)  Aw, Hannah, that encourages my heart!  Even if it’s out of context, and you don’t really know much about it, I’m glad at the thought of you appreciating my faithfulness in cooking, washing clothes, taking care of you, etc.



During breakfast, Hannah had dropped a utensil on the floor and wanted somebody else to pick it up.  Andrew told her she cold pick it up herself.  Hannah whined, “I can’t!”

Paul matter-of-factly asked, “Are your legs broken off?”



After watching Toy Story 3 I asked Paul, “Will you grow up and go to college, or will you always play with John Bear and Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head?”

Paul:  “I’ll always play with John Bear and Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.”  Oh how I love him!


While giving Paul a bath last night, he laughed and said, “That tickled my nose!”

Laughing, he then explained, “When you were washing my pretend mustache (his upper lip), I said, ‘That tickled my nose!’!”