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Honey Run Hollywood

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Andrew has put a lot of hard work into this little piece of entertainment. The outtakes are not yet available to the public, but I know what the raw material was. I lived through the filming (barely). Enjoy.

Birthday Time!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I think that a birthday, regardless of whose it is, causes excitement to rival New Year’s in Paul and Hannah.

We had invited some friends from our church over for supper yesterday evening, and just before noon, we found out that it was also Jake’s birthday.  Wow!  Since his fiancee is pretty far away, and his family is about as far away, we had to  celebrate.  Andrew said we must have a cake, and all birthdays require blowing out candles in the minds of our kids.


Paul put the candles on the cake, and we even had a candle to represent each year of his age!  (Hence the flaming cake.)


Anything is possible when kids are around.  We started singing “Happy Birthday” as Andrew was presenting the cake, and such loud wailing ensued from Paul that we had to halt the song and investigate the problem.  Here, Hannah was sitting in his chair.  After we cooled that nuclear melt-down, we started the song all over, and this time sang to the end.


We had put in 4 trick candles, but only one of them did its “trick”.  Lousy candles!


Jake had to wave the smoke away to prevent developing emphysema later in life.  (Actually, he isn’t that old, and there weren’t that many candles.  He’s pretty young, as the pictures tell.)

When Paul and Hannah found out it was Jake’s birthday, they immediately said, “Presents!”  So, we did our legendary in-house shopping.  Paul and Hannah found what they deemed good birthday presents, and they eagerly helped wrap them up and made tags and cards.

Then, as soon as the presents were wrapped, they decided to hide the presents.  Paul later wrote a “treasure hunt” on the white board, telling Jake his present was in a funny place.

After Jake blew out the candles, Paul and Hannah took him to the white board, and then Jake had to find his present from Paul under Paul’s bed.


Paul’s gift was some fruit runts (a candy) and some canned grape jam.  Paul said he could put the jam on his bread.



Hannah had hidden her present under the couch.  She helped him know where to look for it.  Hannah truly gave sacrificially from the heart.  She wanted to give him lollipops, and we had only one single lollipop in our entire house, and she gave it to him.  Do you have any idea how much she loves lollipops?  It’s at the very top of her list, that’s for sure.  She also gave him some jelly beans, which are right behind lollipops on Hannah’s list.


Later, after much playing, romping, and singing of “The B-I-B-L-E”, we put the kids to bed.  And then we partied some more and played Scrabble.  By this time, Joe & Tracey and little Elijah had gone home so Elijah could go to bed, so we and Jake were the only ones foolish enough to stay up late playing.  I’m telling you, it was a fun game!  And, can you believe, I won the game!  It is only the 3rd time in nearly 8 years that I’ve won against Andrew.  Now, since Jake was playing, I’m sure that helped me out.  I probably wouldn’t have won otherwise.   Anyway, I’m pretty pleased.  Yeah, I know.  It was Jake’s birthday, but this was a Scrabble game!  At least he had a lollipop and some jelly beans to console himself with as he drove home.

I don’t know how Jake is used to celebrating his birthday, but I doubt he’ll ever spend another birthday evening just like this.  It was certainly one-of-a-kind for a 25th birthday party, but it was full and exciting.