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The Great Outdoors

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

This summer, as I fully expected, my enjoyment of the great outdoors is primarily sitting outside on the back porch or on a chair in the yard nursing Rachel and enjoying the rest of the kids playing.  Sometimes they just play, and sometimes they put on a “movie” out in the yard for me, acting out imaginary plays (don’t ask me about them, I couldn’t tell you what a single one was about) nearly always inspired and directed by Hannah.

Occasionally, I bite down hard on determination and in small snatches and spurts (as in 5 to 10 minutes at a time) get something done.


This evening, as soon as the supper leftovers were in the refrigerator, and Rachel was calm in her bed, the kids and I headed outside with a couple packets of flower seeds.  (I had planned to let them plant some flower seeds in the garden to at least give the weeds competition this summer.)

Since Rachel is usually unsettled and fussy in the evenings, as soon as I had scratched out the rows (as in maybe 25 feet of row total), I had to get her and sit in a chair in the yard and feed her.   After a diaper change, I put her in her bouncy seat out at the garden.  The kids alternated who gave her the pacifier when she got fussy, and I helped them plant the zinnia and marigold seeds.

I mixed the small seeds in with some dirt in an old Parmesan cheese can (I keep several in my garden shed), and then let each of the kids take turns shaking the dirt/seed mixture in a row.  That way all the seeds didn’t end up in one pile.

Paul and Hannah took turns getting buckets of water out of the swimming pool to water the rows with after we put the seeds in.


After we had planted those in the garden, we planted some 4 o’clocks in the herb bed (which still has some hardy rosemary, oregano, and tea growing in it).  I plan to make it a serious herb bed again one year, but for now, it needs something besides weeds taking it over.

It really didn’t take us very long to do all that, but Rachel was sure it was time to eat again when we were done.

Hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll have some blooms in our garden and herb bed.  I also now have another project to give our kids–watering the flowers!

At least the walls are still standing!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Yes, it’s been that kind of day here today.  Even though Andrew had me do a rewind in time to get this picture, I did sweep off the table with the broom (and then I did the dining room floor) before I wiped it off.


We had popcorn and smoothies for lunch—some time between 1:30 and 2:00 (way too late).  And the kids wanted to be silly and eat the popcorn straight off the table.

Everything else for the day was utterly in shreds, including the schedule, so why not?  It was easier to let the popcorn fall and roll all over the floor and get out the broom later than to muster up the inner strength to constructively handle the crowd and get them to eat it out of their bowls.

On the bright side, no one spilled their milk today.  Not even once.

Before I drag through another minute of today, I’m going to crawl in bed and hope tomorrow is at least different.