Vogan Fish

At the start of the summer, when we went to the pool, Rachel Anne spent nearly all her time in a life jacket.   I did require her to do some “swimming lessons” with Mom just about every time we went to the pool.  She liked to get those done as quickly as possible and get back into her life jacket and toodle around the pool.


Also, at the beginning of the summer, Marie was happy to stay where she could touch the bottom and swim, catch sinkers off the bottom, do handstands, somersaults, and so on.



She swam very well!


Fast forward a few weeks, and Rachel spends nearly all her time in the pool without her life jacket swimming, looking around under water, and then today, she started jumping in (where she couldn’t touch the bottom) and swimming to me!


I have not taken very many pictures because I’m right beside Rachel every moment she’s in the water doing these things.  I asked Paul to take some pictures this afternoon.




After she swims to me, then I catch her and she then swims back to the edge of the pool.  She loves it!  We call it her “jump-ins”.  That is a step up from the “roll-ins” she started doing a couple trips to the pool ago.

P1060357 I don’t have any pictures (because I’m right beside Marie for these), but Marie has started swimming in the deep end, without a life jacket!  She jumps off the diving board, gets sinkers from the bottom, swims across, and does the ever favorite “tea parties”.  The tea parties are one of Hannah’s inventions that we all love.  We go down to the bottom and sit on the bottom of the pool for a little bit, and then come back up.  Sometimes we even make motions with our hand like we are drinking a cup of tea down there!  It is really fun.  Hannah, Marie, Paul, and I spend a lot of time hanging out in the deep end of the pool having tea parties.  (Rachel has her life jacket on when we do that.)

We are loving our time at the pool this summer, and once more we are very thankful to our neighbor for giving us unlimited access to her pool during the week.  It is an immeasurable blessing to us!  I can’t imagine our summers without near-daily swim times.  The skill of knowing how to swim, and swim well, is something our kids will have with them for the rest of their lives.

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