Pictures of the Beach post 1

As soon as we arrived at the beach house, after unlocking the door and going through the house as quickly as possible, everyone rushed down to the beach like it was our rarely-seen best friend!  I wish I had pictures of the kids’ faces as they experienced the intense joy of welcoming the ocean once again.

2016-09-18 17.04.28

It was hard to believe it had been two years since we had been on a vacation, or to the beach even.  Seeing all the fun and excitement our kids were having made me hope it won’t be two years before we take a vacation again.

2016-09-18 17.04.41

The next morning Andrew propped up the camera and took a proper family picture.

2016-09-20 11.41.12

Due to space limitations in our vehicles, we didn’t bring the whole kitchen with us.  But we brought most of it!  We enjoyed the two full-sized refrigerators in that beach house, and didn’t even eat all the food we had brought.  This was our typical meal time.  Oh, one of the things we didn’t have room to bring was our paper tableware.  But, with running the dishwasher 2-3 times a day, there weren’t that many dishes for the men to wash!

2016-09-20 19.10.38

Marie was very much into beach combing while we were there.  (She states that was her favorite part of our vacation!)  Early Saturday morning (as in 7:15 or so, not really that early!) she and I went beach combing.  She was abundantly rewarded when we found a conch shell!


She was bursting with joy, and couldn’t wait to show everyone!

By the way, both times I’ve found a conch shell at this beach (Nag’s Head in NC), it has not been up on the shore in a pile of shells.  Rather, I have seen something round rolling around as a wave recedes back into the ocean, and ran up and grabbed it before the next wave swept it back out to sea.  Just a little hint if you want to look for conch shells!


Paul & Hannah were very interested in beach combing “early” in the morning after that.  Since we only had one more morning there, on Sunday morning I woke them up a little before 7:00 and we went beach combing.  It was cooler so we wore long sleeves.  We didn’t discover any more conch shells rolling up out of the ocean, but we had a great walk.

2016-09-25 07.29.33

Here are our classic beach bums.


IMG_5460 (2)

IMG_5465 (2)

The beach bums with Mom (me).


Most of the days we were there the ocean was too rough for me to enjoy jumping waves.  On Saturday it was calmer (though still not as calm as some times we’ve been there) and we enjoyed jumping waves.


It’s a lot of fun.  When I started to run out of energy, I let the waves carry me back to shore.  On my last wave jumping spree, as I was coming back to shore I got soundly walloped with two strong waves.  After that I realized I had lost my hair elastic!  I guess a mermaid is wearing it by now.


Our last evening on the beach.


This post has some pictures from our phones.   I hope to put up more pictures (and a few more stories!) next time.

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  1. Davene Grace says:

    Delightful! So delightful! Thanks for posting these! :)