The All-Sibling Reunion!

As best we can remember and calculate, it has been about 2 years since all of my siblings were together .  This weekend was a rare occasion.  We had to get some “formal” shots (but with home cameras and lots of patience!).

The Original Ten


The Classic Parents and Children


The Classic plus the spouses that were present (we were
missing quite a few of them, sadly.).


The Classic plus the kids (and a few random people who
either are family, or else are just family to us in the
truest sense of the word).


The silly picture.  (There are five people here who aren’t
Gardner descendents–Mrs. Fawley (Mr. Fawley came
later after work) who has known our family since before
our parents had even met and have been a significant part
of our whole lives.  The other four are Andrew’s and my
(and Daniel & Miriam’s) nieces and nephews–Jeremy
and Lynn’s children.)


Linden & Julia and all their nieces and nephews!


Let me tell you, getting these picture together wasn’t an easy feat.  We had to wait until all the people were there.  There was a small window of time when everyone was there.  Then we announced it was time for the picture.  We called people from the basement and from the yard.  We counted.  Many were missing.  We checked the bathrooms.  We found more.  We counted again.  There still were not 10 original siblings.  We started making phone calls and sending text messages.  We found out that Glen, Asher (who is 2 years old) and Beth were touring the farm on foot, and happened to be quite a distance from the house.  We told them to hurry.  Glen said Asher has short legs!  We did not work around sleeping babies or nap schedules. I’m not sure the pictures would have happened at all if we had tried to do that.

Eventually the count was right and we could start taking pictures!

One Response to “The All-Sibling Reunion!”

  1. Wendy says:

    “We counted. Many were missing. We checked the bathrooms. We found more. We counted again. There still were not 10 original siblings.”

    LOL! Sounds like quite a feat!