A really nice weekend

We had a great weekend over here.  Andrew has been arduously working at building a fence around our back yard.  It is white vinyl picket.  My mom graciously brought Luke and Glen (my brothers) over to help him work on it Saturday and they have it all up except for the drive-through gate.

Andrew and Luke

Glen, Luke, & Andrew

Even a small guy (Paul) can help!

All the fence guys!

My mom was then here helping me out in the house and doing more work than I get done in a normal week!  She even weeded my garden.  She had brought lots of food the weekend before, so she dug it out of the freezer and prepared the lunch and supper too.  It is great that Andrew had help on this big project, and I know he was happy to have it so nearly done at the end of the day.

On Sunday, we all went to church for the first time since my big pancreatitis.  We only went to the 11:00 service because that was all I was up to.  I layed down and rested before we went to church, then I rested again for a long while after we got home.  Of course it was a small operation to get there, with both the little people to get ready.  And, Andrew not only had to do all the loading and unloading of Paul and Hannah, but of my IV bags and pole, and get everything ready for me to wheel around my equipment.  It was great to get out a little bit, and even more wonderful to hear the message.  I thought it was an excellent message (Mt. 7, about the narrow and wide gates).  Both Paul and Hannah behaved wonderfully in church, and they both took good, long naps after we got home.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

In the late afternoon, my parents brought my grandma Gardner to visit.  They had just come from a reunion at Weaver’s Mennonite Church, which is close by, so they stopped in.  We had a really nice visit, and Paul and Hannah were good host and hostess respectively.  Hannah took a nap with her grandpa (even though Grandpa snored very, very loudly).

Great Grandma read books to Paul, who had a lot of trouble concentrating on the books due to the loud snoring.  He has never heard anyone snore before, so he kept looking over at Grandpa with the strangest looks on his face!

After Grandpa and Hannah woke up, Paul brought his toys to Grandpa and also played tug-of-war with his blankie with Grandpa.

So, as you can tell, we had a very nice weekend.

On a side note, as an anniversary present (which we have yet to celebrate, since it was June 28th), Andrew has given me a new computer, or something like that (I am never really sure what is new and what is over-hauled, or a mixture of both–it really makes no difference to me).  Anyway, it is a real whiz-bang thing that is fast and has Vista on it.  He doesn’t have all the fancy da-doodles on it yet, like the Whiz-bang image preparer program that he wrote special to prepare my photos for the blog.  I have been using the standard blog cruncher instead for the time being and I hope it isn’t too clumsy for you folks to see these pictures.  I hope I will soon be back to the normal method.

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