Our Monday

Today has been another good day.  My sister Gail was here along with her son Bobby, who is 6 mo. older than Paul.  I wanted to see how well I could get along doing everything (such as heating up food in the microwave and putting the dishes into the dishwasher) and just having her lift Hannah around for me as needed.  Well, I nearly got the lunch ready.  I ended up taking 3 rests today and having Gail bail me out different times.  No, I didn’t over-do, I just was finding out what all I could do.  It was encouraging just to move around my kitchen for a while.

Here is a picture of Gail, Bobby, and Paul.  Bobby discovered a toy of Paul’s still in the package back in Paul’s closet, so they got it out for a new toy to play with.

This evening, some former neighbors of ours who are in from Texas brought supper and visited a little with us.  Their son was born 4 days before Hannah, and it was our first time to meet him.  They are going back to Texas to finish up at Wycliffe school, and then will be taking an assignment in a sensitive part of the world working with an unsurveyed language (don’t know if it is written or not, they will be finding that out), and working long-term to get the Bible into that language.  Even though I am not up to hosting company in hardly any form right now, I really wanted to see them before I may not see them again for several years, depending on the future.

I keep hoping that one day the doctor’s office will call and say, “Guess what?  Your amylase and lipase are completely normal!  You can resume a normal diet as tolerated, turn off those pumps, and the home health nurse will travel at the speed of light to your house to remove the PICC line from your arm!”  Today was not that day.  The doctor’s office called and said the amylase and lipase were slowly decreasing.  That was it.  No other message, no changes mentioned.  *sigh*  So, stay the course, learn patience a while longer.  Since I am in danger of murmuring and complaining, I will quit on this subject right now.

2 Responses to “Our Monday”

  1. mamajil says:

    I am praying that you will be encouraged and that the peace of the Lord will rest upon you!! Sometimes its hard to be still, but its in those times if we listen we can truly hear the voice of our Lord. I pray it be so for you!!
    Have a great day and rest in Him!

  2. Davene says:

    It’s so nice to see a picture of Gail. :)