The price he pays…

…to be a handsome boy is very high, if you ask Paul.  While I was giving him a haircut this evening, he howled like he was being tortured.  He was howling and wiggling, putting his hands in his mouth to get hair out, I’m sure, but doubtless putting more in with each insertion, and Hannah was hanging on my skirt, and often standing between Paul and I, and what a disaster the whole thing felt like!  I finally got done, and whisked him inside, took off his clothes, and got him in the bathtub.  His dire situation inside that caused howling fit to wake the dead was that I wouldn’t let him snuggle with his blankie until after his bath.  I didn’t want hair clippings all over the blankie!  Here’s a post-haircut, post-bath Paul.


And here’s one with Hannah, just because I think she’s particularly cute in this picture:

Paul & Hannah

At least Paul shouldn’t have any trouble like a little kid at the park today.  While I was keeping the neighbor’s children today, we went to Hillandale Park.  There was a busload of children there also, all about 6-7 years old, I would guess.  Hannah was on the play equipment, and at one point she was blocking the path and a little black kid with hair braided in corn rows and then the braids going 6-8 inches down the back wanted through.  I asked Hannah to move so this girl could get past.  The kid simply said, “I’m a boy”.  I just said, “I’m sorry”.  How was I to know it was a boy?  There certainly was no visible indicator!  Anyway, I guess if the little boy wants others to know he’s a little boy, he’s going to have to get a haircut.  I’m glad Paul’s not in that situation, and won’t be as long as I can help it!

One more exciting thing from this evening, and then I must get to bed.  After supper, I put Hannah down out of her seat.  She walked over to a chair, and I wasn’t paying attention to her, but I somehow sensed she was being quiet.  I turned and looked at her, and she looked at me, and she said, “Potty. Poo-poo.”  I whisked her right to the bathroom, and she had just started in her diaper.  I put her on the little potty, and she got right to it and finished!  Yay!

Long ago she quit going regularly after meals, and I have just been doing hit-and-miss training.  If I see her getting serious, I rush her to the potty, and usually she will either do it there, or complete it there if she’s already begun.  But, I don’t always catch her, and she tends to do this at random times, not on a schedule like Paul was.  This evening is the first time she has told me about it though, so this is progress!

4 Responses to “The price he pays…”

  1. Miriam says:

    I just thought of this, several minutes after reading this post, and I have no idea if it would even work, but maybe… and maybe it would help Paul have less of a “hairy experience” during haircuts. Take a shower cap and cut a hole in the top. Put it on him so it creates a “trough” around his head. That way the majority of the hair could collect in the trough and might stay off his face and hands better. But then, I don’t know if Paul would even want to wear it :p

  2. Sally says:

    I have a hair-cutting apron that he wears, and I put it tight around his neck. He reaches out the sides of it and rubs and scratches around on his face, and then gets hair in his mouth, and sometimes his eyes too! I don’t know if a shower cap “trough” would be any better or not.

  3. Rachel says:

    Poor Paul on the haircut trials, but I feel even sorrier for you! What patience you must possess. I decided today that I think my experiences dealing with very trying teenagers/college kids is greatly contributing to my increasing lack of desire to have children. I did seek wise counsel on how to deal with these situations better so they don’t completely exhaust me everyday. It boils down to two things: I am to nice to people from the beginning, and people don’t think my “no” means “NO”. So here’s to better times ahead as I strive to be polite but very firm from the beginning. Note to any college student and their parents; I am not your friend, I am your authority! Got it!

  4. Lucy says:

    Yay for Paul looking handsome, even if it is a trial for the poor boy!! And Rach – Go Forth and Conquer those bratty teenagers and give them a good hard dose of reality!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!