When it is quiet…

…it is time to go looking for my children.  In the past couple days, I have found some interesting sights when I went looking, and I decided to take some pictures before I messed up the scene.

I found Hannah sitting on the table eating cucumbers

that were left over from lunch.


Paul soon joined her and they cleaned out the bowl.

Then I made them get down.

Paul & Hannah

I found Hannah on the floor finishing my yogurt, that

she had reached down off the table.  (Yes, I do feed

this girl!)



Paul made himself at home in the softies basket.


I nearly made Paul get off these immediately, and then

I decided to snap a picture first.  Then, I gave him strict

instructions not to sit on the peaches ever again.


This evening as I was washing dishes, it was quiet for

a while.  I sneaked over to the living room, and there was

Paul reading a book on the couch, and opposite him

Hannah was reading a book on the love seat!  I was

able to get a picture of Paul, but Hannah didn’t cooperate

as well.


I did manage to get a picture of Hannah with a book

before she ran to me to look at herself on the

screen of the digital camera.


The next couple pictures aren’t ones I sneaked up and found my children doing.  In fact, this one with the doggie and Tigger slippers I just found on the camera.  I guess Andrew took it sometime.

Paul & Hannah

One night, I found Hannah Houdini when I went to tuck her in.  She has done this before, gotten an arm out of her pajamas as she was going to sleep.  I put her back together so she wouldn’t get too cold.


Here is Paul “working on the peaches” as he called it.  He is taking them out of the box, and putting them in other boxes.


3 Responses to “When it is quiet…”

  1. Miriam says:

    Oh my, those pictures are hilarious! Paul sitting on the peaches just about takes the cake!! Hannah is changing so much so fast! The first picture I see Paul in her, and the second yogurt picture I see Laura … or maybe it just reminds me of something Laura would have done :P

  2. Lucy says:

    The pictures are great, Sal!!! Paul must still love his fruits and veggies, I’m guessing. And yeah, I believe I agree with Mini about the picture of Hannah – I guess there is a little of Aunt Laura in her!

  3. Angel says:

    LOL. Love the pictures. One time when Abigail was little, I was cleaning the house and I came out in the kitchen and she was sitting on the table opening a whole bunch of bananas. LOL.