Strange things

Just to let you  know, I haven’t found frogs in my bed, and our water hasn’t turned to wine or anything like that.  But we have had some interesting times over here.

Yesterday morning, while I was downstairs riding the exercise bike, just doin’ my normal thing, who comes down the steps but Adrian, our eight-year-old neighbor boy.  That isn’t so strange, because he has done that before.  The first words out of his mouth were, “Can we come over?”  So, what was I supposed to say?  I told him yes, and told him I was going to be canning peaches.  I asked him if everybody was with him (his three younger siblings).  He said no, he had ridden his bike over.  I asked him how soon they would be here, and he said, “Oh, probably an hour.”  I was thinking, “Good, I can get my shower before they get here.”  He toodled around the basement a little, and then after a bit said he’d be going.  I said, “I’ll see you soon!”  And Adrian replied, “If it’s alright with Mom.”  That nearly stunned me.  Had he come over on his own accord, checked to see if they could come over, and then was going back to ask his mom if they could come to my house for the morning?  I wasn’t sure what to think.

When I came upstairs, Andrew told me that Adrian had told him his mom was going to run some errands.

It could not have been more than 15 minutes after Adrian left until all four children were at the door grinning and delighted to come to our house.  I had not had my shower and we were just starting breakfast.  Anyway, we just rolled through the morning, doing the next thing at each turn.  Adrian helped me carry all my jars of peaches downstairs.  I decided to throw some pizza in the oven (from the freezer) for our lunch instead of making umpteen sandwiches.  We were all out of cookies, so we had bananas and nectarines for dessert.  Their mom came just as we were ready to pray and eat, so she joined us for lunch.  They played outside a little after lunch, and then went home around 1:30.

One interesting thing about these children is they seem to be fixated on septic tanks.  Once, when we were out in the back yard, Adrian asked where our septic tank was.  I told him I wasn’t sure, but I pointed out the sunken place in the yard where we thought it was.  He said, “Well, you can get a shovel and dig down and see.”  I’m sure with the slightest word on my part, he would have gotten our shovel out of the shed and dug a hole to see if that was our septic tank under there.

Then, yesterday, while I was helping little Andrew and Paul use the potty (they are the same age, and at the same stage of potty training, so it is easy to take them both at the same time), Arlene, who is 4, asked, “Where’s your septic tank?”  (or maybe it was “Do y’all have a septic tank?”).  I told her it was in the back yard.  She told me that they had one and “We dug it up and got the poop out of it.  Y’all can dig yours up and get the poop out of it.”  I told her our septic system was working just fine so we didn’t need to dig it up.  (At four years old, mind you, and already an authority on septic systems!)

After I told all this to Andrew (my husband), I told him if we ever need our septic tank dug up, we must be sure to have these children over to watch!

4 Responses to “Strange things”

  1. Miriam says:

    Oh my. I don’t know what my response to any of that would’ve been… the kids showing up unannounced or their strange fascination with septic tanks. I hope one day you don’t go outside and find them digging yours up!

  2. Angel says:

    That is a strange day. LOL

  3. Davene says:

    Goodness! When he asked, “Can we come over?” I think I would have said, “You ARE over.” There’s nothing like asking permission after the fact! :)

    I truly admire you for your ability to be flexible and show hospitality to them. That’s hard for me to do spur of the moment.

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