Laura’s Bridal Shower

Most of you know that Laura is my sister (no. 6 in line), but for those who don’t, now you know how I’m connected to the Laura in this post.

She lives, works, and goes to college in NC, and she’s getting married this summer.  Since a lot of her relatives and at least some of her friends live in this area, we hosted a bridal shower for her up here yesterday.  She came with her friend, Joy, who is going to be her maid of honor.  The shower was held at my sister Rachel’s house, which is very close to my house, just about 10 minutes away.  A whole bunch of my sisters and brothers and my mom did a lot of prep work for the shower, but I just handled the desserts, dropped off a box of my nice glass serving dishes several days in advance, and then just showed at the appointed time on the day of the shower.  Everything was really nice.  The whole shower went smoothly, everything was in place, ultra-organized, peaceful, and well, it just went really well.  (Praise the Lord!)

Next, is a picture-show (not a moving one, but a still one!) of the shower.

Laura, Julia, Miriam

Laura, Julia, Miriam

the gift table


Julia did the decorating and fixed up the utensils.



That’s a toilet paper cake, and also a picture
of Branden & Laura.


Laura & Julia (Who, by the way, is the one with
the bad infection in her foot from stepping on a
nail, and she’s having surgery on Tues. to clean
it out and put in a drain.)

Laura & Julia

Great A. Hazel, Julia, Hannah & Susannah

Julia, Hannah, Susannah

Julia, Hannah, Susannah

Julia, Hannah, Susannah

Miriam (Susannah’s mommy) & Mrs. Fawley,
a life-long friend of the family.

Miriam, Mrs. Fawley, Susannah

Sarah S. & Laura

Sarah, Laura

Anna & Miriam S., Rachel

Anna, Miriam S., Rachel

The food table.  We had (as always!) very good
food–baked potatoes with toppings, tuna salad
and crackers, a cold pickled bean salad, fresh
vegetables & dip, fresh strawberries, cheesecake
bars with a choice of black raspberry or cherry
toppings, and peanut butter bars.


My mom.

Mom (Barbara)

Gail & Joy

Gail, Joy

Miriam, Susannah & Mrs. Fawley

Miriam, Susannah, Mrs. Fawley

My dear Hannah, who was excellent
the whole day!




(Whew! These are a lot to name.) Mrs. Fawley,
Miriam, Lucy, Katie, Julia, Joy & Laura


Great Aunt Hazel, Great Aunt Norma, Mom,
Gail, Sarah S., Miriam S.


Great Aunt Eva, Grandma and Mrs. Fawley

A. Eva, Grandma, Mrs. Fawley

Sarah & Joanna S., Miriam & Anna S.

Sarah, Joannah, Miriam S.

Rachel & Great Aunt Eva

Rachel, A. Eva

Joy & Laura


Somebody knows Laura!  It was a
pantry shower, and somebody gave
her a 4 lb. bag of chocolate chips!  I’ve
never seen one that big before.


Miriam & Susannah

Susannah, Miriam

Laura (She’s opening the gift that
Mom and all the sisters went together
to get her, and that’s the one that
got rained on and had to be wrapped
twice.  You can see my previous
post to read about all that.)


Laura (The gift was a set of stainless steel cookware.)






Miriam & Susannah

Miriam & Susannah

All the sisters.  Since the oldest two of us are
pregnant, we got the bottom step, and then it
goes down in age from there.  So, from the bottom
right, going R to L and up:

Gail, Sally
Rachel, Julia, Miriam
Laura, Lucy, Katie

(Note:  Lucy flew in from Wyoming to help
with and attend this shower!  It is a very rare
occurrence for all the sisters to be together
any time other than on New Year’s day, so this
was really special.  Hopefully we’ll all be to-
gether again at Laura’s wedding.)


Mrs. Fawley & Gail.  (Mrs. Fawley is
a school teacher (still teaching) and
she taught Gail (2 yrs.) and I (1/2 yr.)
back when we were tiny tots and
before my parents started home-
schooling.  She and her husband were
friends of my dad before he was even
married.  So, we go way back!)

Mrs. Fawley & Gail

Laura & Grandma

Laura & Grandma

Hannah, Julia & Susannah

Hannah, Julia, Susannah

Hannah, Laura, Julia, Susannah,
Paul & Bobby

aunts & little people

Susannah (and just to her right you can see the
little round cracker that Hannah gave her!)


Hannah helping to shell peas.  Miriam
brought her peas along (she lives in
the Richmond area), and my mom and
Hannah spent most of the shower and
a long time afterwards shelling peas.
Some others helped too.



Hannah & Paul shelling peas.

Hannah & Paul

Hannah & Paul

Hannah & Sally washing dishes.

Hannah & Sally

After Hannah and I had finished washing and drying all the dishes (all the fancy serving glassware), we got it boxed up and I had helpers tote the stuff out to our van.   We left there at 6:45.  The shower was at 1:00 p.m., and we had gotten there very soon after 11:00 a.m., so it was a pretty long day.  And, Hannah had gotten up at 6:15 that morning, and neither she nor Paul took any naps that afternoon.  They both fell asleep on the 10 min. drive home, and I carried them to their beds, and they slept until 7 and 8:00 this morning.  They were very tired!  However, they had behaved very well and did amazingly good for not taking any naps and being that tired.

We all enjoyed the shower, and we enjoyed helping out too.  I just love getting together and working together with my sisters.  We grew up working together, and somehow, we still just do things the same way, think the same way about how things should be done, etc., and it just goes so smoothly!  Things just flow and get done when we’re together.  (That’s why it was such a jolt when I got married, and suddenly, I was either doing stuff all by myself–and wondering why in the world I got so little done until I realized I didn’t have 10 people working on the project–or working with someone who had a completely different idea of how to go about things, a different idea of how much and long you should work at something, and just had no idea how I operated (and I thought everybody operated the same way as me and my siblings!).  It was a jolt, but I’ve survived, and learned to operate in this realm.  But, I still really enjoy getting together with my sisters and working together to make real progress efficiently.  Thanks, all my sisters, for all your hard work!)

Today, we had another big day, with church in the morning and evening, and a birthday party for my nephew Bobby this afternoon.  I hope to put up some pictures from that party tomorrow.

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  1. Laura says:

    That was a very special shower…quite an overwhelming experience, actually…the pots and pans were an amazing gift.