Bobby’s Birthday Party

Saturday was the bridal shower for Laura.  Sunday (yesterday) was a birthday party for Bobby.  His actual birth date is today, but since some of the far-away family were staying over until Sunday, Gail and Rachel figured out to have a birthday party for Bobby on Sunday afternoon.  It was a roaring success!  Gail and Rachel had fixed a great pull bar-be-que spread, and there was lots of good food for lunch.  They were having a hot dot and marshmallow roast in the evening for supper, but we weren’t able to stay for that.

Once again, here’s the event in pictures, mostly.  (All but a few of the pictures are courtesy of Katie.  She had my camera for most of the party, which was just fine with me.)

Bobby, Paul and Hannah are enjoying hors d’oeuvres
before the lunch.

Bobby, Paul, Hannah

Bobby and the chocolate ice cream cake.


Gail helping Bobby light the candles.

Bobby & Gail

Paul helped Bobby blow out the candles!

Paul & Bobby

All of the little kids wanted to take out and lick
off a candle.

Hannah, Paul, Bobby

Hannah, Paul & Bobby

Hannah, Paul, Bobby

Bobby is opening the not-so-concealed bean bag
chair.  (Andrew had wrapped a great big sheet
around it.  That’s about the best that could be

Hannah, Paul, Bobby

Glen & Bobby

Glen, Bobby



Bobby & Hannah


Linden & James enjoying Bobby’s birthday books.

Linden & James



Whose tootsie toes?
(Ahhh…they’re Baby Susannah’s!)

Susannah's feet!

Hannah holding Baby Susannah.

Miriam, Susannah, Hannah

The great game of monopoly.  (Clockwise from lower
left: Lucy, Glen, Linden, Andrew, Luke & Katie.)

Linden, Andrew, Luke, Katie

And, sadly, we had to leave before Andrew could finish winning the monopoly game.  He really thinks he would have won.  (We had an evening service, Communion Service, at our church.)  As we found out later, Linden won.  Which really is no surprise because he wins in real life too.

It was a little interesting to watch the little kids during the party.  After the gifts were opened, Paul and Bobby were completely absorbed in them.  Hannah, however, paid no attention to the presents.  She stuck to Susannah’s side.  Wherever Baby Susannah was, Hannah was right there watching and I expect helping to take care of her.  She is so much in love with little babies!

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