Romping on the floor with Aunt Katie.


A couple times I have reviewed shapes with Paul, (triangle all the way through octagon and a few odd shapes thrown in like the trapezoid).  Yesterday, Paul was talking ceaselessly as he usually does, and he said, “We could say, ‘Repentagon’!”  It took me a moment to figure out that he was adding a prefix to “pentagon”.


Hannah is my ever-helpful daughter.  A couple days ago I was sitting down and Hannah came up to me and asked, “Do you want anything?”  (It may have been phrased slightly different.)  Since then, she has asked me that at other random times.  She has picked up on that from Andrew, who asks if I want anything when I’m sitting down nursing Marie.  I just love Hannah’s helpful spirit.


Here’s the type of conversations I hear around the house these days:

Paul:  “I have two tongues.  Do you want a tongue?”

Hannah:  “Oh sure.  I’ll take a tongue.”

Paul:  “Which one do you want?”

And then I assume the gifting of a tongue follows.

They have recently become the very happy owners of extra accessories for Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, so there are multiple tongues, eyes, mustaches, ears, arms, and all kinds of body parts.  However, if you didn’t know about the Potato Heads, it would be a very strange conversation to hear.


Yesterday, after watching the wash dry, it started to rain a little bit.  Paul and Hannah moved their “theater chairs” up to the porch.  Soon, it quit raining.  Paul was sitting there looking out over the yard and he said,

“I’m watching the breeze.”

Paul is so easily entertained.  I should have asked him what it looked like.

I actually took a picture of Paul “watching the breeze”.


2 Responses to “TTT”

  1. Miriam says:

    The tongue thing had me going for a bit… I was hoping you were going to say you had at least gone to see what “trading tongues” involved, etc… then I remembered the Potato Heads :)

    I wonder if Paul will ever do like his Uncle Glen and “go up to Heaven and ask God ____” or “God told me _____. ”

    Thanks for the post, even though I know there were other things (bed!) you’d rather have been doing :)

  2. Katie says:

    When did Glen ask all that? I must have either been too young to remember or wasn’t there at the time.