Sunny Saturday

We enjoyed a windy, sunny Saturday. Paul loved being outside and picked dandelions and buttercups. He likes to carry sticks, as you can see.

Andrew came outside and helped Paul hold Hannah. After she was on his lap a few minutes, he tried to push her off. I guess he has his limits!

Andrew, Hannah, and Paul enjoyed sitting on the swing.

Those were some fun times on Sat. Even more fun was when Andrew watched Hannah for her “happy time” (her wake time), and then put her down for her nap. That way I could start on a nap early, and boy, I got the best nap I have had in weeks! It makes a difference.

Other than that, I got some chicken meat frozen, ran the dishwasher, and got a lot of laundry done. We had a movie night, which we haven’t had for a little spell, and watched a Miss Marple movie. It doesn’t seem like I did very much, but I was busy all day long. For the first time in a while, Hannah decided to cry for a spell before she went to bed. I held her, and she seemed to be in pain. I don’t know for sure what was the matter. It hasn’t bothered her today at all, which is great!

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