A clean gift

And what exactly is that?  This year, as part of a present to our mom, we siblings are spending three days cleaning her house from top to bottom (as best as can be done in three days on their enormous house).  Today was day number one.

To back up a little bit, my sister Miriam and some of the rest of my siblings have been cooking this up for a whole year, and planning it in earnest for the last several months.  Miriam, one of my very organized and scheduled siblings, is spearheading the event.  She has concocted up very detailed plans and a schedule of what is done each day.  The list is several pages long and color coded.  She even has the meals for each day planned with different ones responsible for different days.

Today, Rachel, Miriam, Laura, Katie, my mom, and I rolled up our sleeves and got started.  The thing with most seemingly insurmountable projects is to get strated.  And we did.  We hit the library before lunch, and got it finished.  Then, after lunch we attacked the basement, which is no small matter.  Boy, oh boy, if you ever need to see the most incongruent conglomeration, you can sift through the clutter in my parent’s basement and on the porches.  Rachel soon came upstairs, as a few of us were still finishing lunch, and asked what was the plan for the electric bedpans in the basement.  I have no earthly idea what they were, I didn’t see them, and they have long since went on a nice little trip.

We sorted through stacks, we broomed, we shoveled up the broomed-up piles, we moved furniture, we wiped washers, we gazed a rows of roller skates, we sneezed, we looked through clouds of dust, but we did make some headway.  Anyway, the basement is in better shape for playing games on New Year’s Day.

I really wanted to be one of the “movers and shakers” up at Mom’s today, but I spent about 80% of my time tending my kids, and just did a little here and there in between.  Hannah did not like today for some reason and was quite fussy.  Finally, I took her upstairs and she seemed happiest to be with Laura and Katie as they cleaned Katie’s bedroom.  That gave me a little freedom to clean in the basement–until it was supper time, which came pretty quickly.

About supper time, fresh energy and new bodies arrived.  Gail and Bobby came, as did Lucy.  So, I decided my tired and increasingly crabby kids would exit and come home after supper.  When I left, they were changing the world on the outside-attacking the porches.  (I asked why didn’t they wait until tomorrow when it would be warmer–since it was dark and cold–but they said “It’s on the list for today”.  Ahh, yes, the mightly list!)

Once home,  I bathed bathed Paul and Hannah and Andrew helped get them dressed and in bed.  Hopefully they will get good sleep and be happier tomorrow.  I hope I get good rest and can be a more profitable cleaner tomorrow!

Here are some pictures.

Hannah trying to be happy in the basement.

Paul loved riding in this purple car–without a steering wheel.


Mom & Miriam sorting stuff.

Luke gets down some cobwebs.

Paul gets his Uncle Glen to play with Carom rings.

P.S.  I will post about Christmas–probably sometime after New Year’s.

2 Responses to “A clean gift”

  1. Davene says:

    What a GREAT gift!!! I’m sure your mom was/is thrilled!

    By the way, I left you an award on my blog. Just want you to be reminded of how inspired I am by you. :)

    Happy new year!

  2. Angel says:

    I love this gift too!! Great ideas for this Christmas!!