A clean gift part II

I don’t know how it is that I get posts going, and then I plan to keep writing about them as the events unfold, but more and more days go by until I get back to the started theme.  I think I will endeavor to finish blogging about the clean gift.  First off, I had so much fun getting together with my sisters to clean up at my parent’s house.  I just really enjoyed it.  My little Hannah, poor girl, just as much I enjoyed it, she did not enjoy it.  The second day I was there, she cried even more than the first day.  I decided we had better not come back on the third day, as much as I wanted to.  I guess Hannah thought we had moved and joined the circus, and was letting me know she didn’t like it one little bit.

Let’s see, when I arrived on Tuesday morning with my cute children, Hannah’s face not yet full of tears, Miriam was attacking the dining room and living room area.  Gail arrived with Bobby, and we all labored away in that room.  We decided it is nicer when we all work in the same general area.  We can see progress quicker and it encourages us.  We ran several vacuums at the same time.  I was using my little Oreck duster gizmo and getting the cobwebs down, vacuuming window sills, baseboards, etc.  Then, I started dusting along the northern wall.  Gail was vacuuming the floor, and we moved lots of furniture together.  We even stopped and turned over all the chair, couches, and rocking chairs and she vacuumed several pounds of cobwebs and goobers out from underneath them.  I think Miriam was dusting other things, like ceiling fans, the piano corner, and the southern side of the room.

After lunch, we decided it was bathroom attacking time.  Boy, oh boy!  In case you didn’t know, my parent’s house has seven (yes, that’s seven as in 7) bathrooms.  Some of them are even as big or bigger than my living room!  Well, since the Park’s were staying in the guest room, that bathroom (the handicapped bathroom) had already been cleaned.  That left six more to go.  I started on the one next to the office, and Gail started on two of the upstairs ones.  With Hannah being so crabby, all I got done until supper was that one dinky bathroom.  That is the only small bathroom in the house.  It only has a commode and a sink.

Here are Bobby & Hannah outside the little bathroom.

I managed to take a picture of her when she wasn’t

actively crying.

Andrew called at one point to check up on us.  I nearly begged him to come pick up Paul and Hannah, take them home and put them to bed so I could get something useful done up there.  He was very gracious and came and took them home right after supper.  Poor Hannah was oh so ready to go home.

Minus my kids, I kicked into a high gear and tore around.  I armed myself with my trusty liquid Comet (I brought it myself from home because I didn’t want to clean any bathrooms without it), toilet bowl cleaner, Windex (for the mirrors), paper towels, a rag, a vacuum cleaner, and my rubber gloves.  I went down to the basement and figured out a plan of attack.  First, remove all foreign items from the bathroom.  Put the trash in the trash can.  Next, vacuum every possible surface, including the shower/tub, cobwebs off the ceiling, etc.  Next, squirt cleaner in the commode, Windex on the mirror.  Clean the mirror.  Spray the sink and shower/tub with liquid Comet.  Scrub the sink.  Scrub the outside of the commode.  Clean the inside of the commode.  Scrub the shower/tub.  Next, wash the floor and empty the trash can.  As soon as the floor is dry, put the stuff that belongs back into the bathroom.

Rub-a-dub-dub, here I am scrubbing

a tub!

After the basement, I then went upstairs and did Dad’s bathroom, and then Mom’s bathroom, following the same system.  If you don’t have a system, you’ll stand there wondering where to start for several minutes and that will be time wasted.  Also, upstairs, I realized I had better do some vacuuming around the outside of the bathrooms first, or I (and others) would just be tracking dust bunnies and dirt into the clean bathroom (besides, I just love to vacuum, especially with my Oreck!).  I tell you, that was a sense of accomplishment!  Four bathrooms in one day!  It was after mid-night when I finished, but I didn’t want to stop until I got done.  First off, because I knew I wasn’t coming back the next day.  Secondly, because I knew the next day had its own full list, and whatever bathrooms weren’t cleaned on Tuesday would not get cleaned.  (We had to keep moving forward.)

While I was cleaning all those bathrooms, Gail was cleaning the two huge bathrooms.  Lucy was carrying out a purging of refrigerators and directing a thorough cleaning of one of them (Katie and Luke were her assistants), Miriam was dusting, cleaning, and scrubbing every inch of the kitchen, and Glen was walking around on top the island cleaning the ceiling fans.  Laura spent her time helping Katie, Luke, & Glen clean their bedrooms, which was no small task.  Mr. Park sometimes would stand around giving entertaining comments and snapping pictures.  (Boy, do I wish I had some of those pictures!)  At some point, the whole crew (minus me, I was still cleaning bathrooms) attacked the barrel room.  Before, you basically wondered what this pile was before, and, later, when I walked down there (I gave a progress report after I completed each bathroom). Lo and Behold,  there was a clean counter and order!  Now, don’t ask me where the stuff went, I don’t know.  I do know, however, that if I ever need any candle stubs to wax my drawers with, I know where to find plenty of them–in the barrel room!

Here is Lucy getting started on a refrigerator.

And Lucy scrubs away.  Mr. Park and I agreed I should

note here that Lucy is single, and available, and

she will clean your refrigerator!!

Luke and Katie were Lucy’s full-time assistants, washing

the drawers and shelves.  Ahh, note too, that Luke is

single, and available, and will wash your


Here is Miriam cleaning an old electric George Foreman.

I took these pictures, and then remembered that Mom

said she was thinking of throwing this thing out.  Boy,

Miriam sure wished I had told her sooner!

I don’t know everything that went on, but I do know that lots and lots of spiders were checking into the Spider Salvation Army shelters that night because their homes had been destroyed.  Also, the curators will no longer be coming to the door to check out anything in the refrigerator.  Fossils have left (and a few non-fossils, as I found out when I went to get out some of Hannah’s left-overs after the purging!).

Here are a few more pictures of that day.

All that cleaning wore Mr. Park out!

Laura spent some time tutoring Glen & Katie, getting

through their homework that was due on Monday.

Bobby & Gail right after Bobby woke up from his nap.

That’s about all I have for the cleaning project.  I’m hoping we can do it again next year.

By the way, in case you wonder why so many of us are dressed for July, my parents keep their house about 75 degrees.  For those of us used to houses about 63 to 65 degrees, we nearly melt standing still.  So you can imagine how it was for working!

Just for some closing pictures, here are Hannah and Paul “working”.  Paul had gone down to the basement, got his keyboard (an old one Andrew gave him) and said he was going to work like Daddy.  Hannah wanted to “work” too, so Andrew found another old keyboard for her.  We brought them upstairs and they “worked” in Paul’s bedroom.

9 Responses to “A clean gift part II”

  1. julia says:

    I love the recap on the sanitization organization. In a way I am sorry that I was sick and could’nt help, in another way I feel that the Lord new that I should not go up there so He made me get sick!! I also love the “work like Daddy” pictures! We are so used to hammers, trucks & tool pouches when little kids want to work like Daddy, but really thats not all that Daddy’s do! If we had kids that wanted to be like daddy they would drag out nebulizers & vest machines and read the Lancaster Farmer while doing them!!!

  2. Davene says:

    I loved reading all of this, but oh my, do you keep your home at 63-65 degrees? I would freeze! We land squarely in the 73-75 range (though it’s hard to keep it constant with a wood stove, so sometimes it’s 70 and sometimes 77). :)

    Your parents are BLESSED to have children like you all!!!

  3. Sally says:

    Oh no, Davene! How do you even live in a house that warm? And you are pregnant besides! I nearly died whenever I was pregnant and up at Mom’s house. My mom once asked why did we keep it this cool (it was 62 in here Friday morning–I know because I was cooking and I realized I didn’t need to refrigerate the butter to cool it to 65 degrees.), and the reason is because if it is hotter, I get too hot! As it is, if I am doing anything besides sitting still, I usually only have on one thin shirt. All I can figure is that my motor runs at more rpm’s that most people’s.

  4. Sally says:

    Julia, we sure could have used you up there, if you had been well. I hope you are staying well for a long time now.

  5. Angel says:

    Sally, how old is Lucy? LOL, I’ll fix her up with my cousin Scott…but I think she’s too young for him. LOL

  6. Sally says:

    Well, since some women are “sensitive” about their age, I had better not publish it here!! Lucy can post it–if she wants to, otherwise, ask me at church!

  7. Rachel says:

    I really wished I could have been there for day 2 and 3. I considered coming after work, but those days at work were so crazy I did not have one ounce of good behavior left at the end of the day. I missed the fellowship greatly.

  8. Angel says:

    LOL, Okay…I’ll find out at church.

  9. Lucy says:

    Bob, you and I need to have a chat about all this talk I am seeing!!!!